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Tissue Additives

Tissue Products
Within the Tissue Centre of Excellence a broad range of products exist to provide cost effective solutions, with tailor made programs to satisfy individual tissue maker’s needs. Technologies available include creping aids, softeners, debonders, lotions, absorbency aids and biologically activated substances , as well as strength aids specific for the manufacture of tissue products
The more recent addition of high performance creping platforms can be regarded as best in its class to help enhance sheet softness whilst providing adequate cylinder protection.
The application chemistry for yankee coating creping platforms include an adhesive range  crossllinking to advanced non crosslinking type polymers suitable for all types of toilet tissue, towel and facial tissue grades, conventional to TAD machines. In addition high performance plasticisers, as well as synthetic and conventional release agents and modifiers exist within the product portfolio.  

For further information please contact:
Eben Bouwer - Divisional manager
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