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Microbiological Control

The Microbiological Centre of Excellence strives to provide the customer with the best value in safe, economical and technical aspects of microbiological control.  Our policy is to work with our customers to ensure optimum cost-effective biocide recommendations based on sound scientific evaluation.  Our comprehensive package of microbiological testing, using our in-house laboratory operating under stringent GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) measures, includes conventional solid media cultivation, wet-state challenge tests and on-site hygiene audits.

A major function of a good industrial biocide program is to control bacteria and other microorganisms in the bulk water and on system surfaces.  Control of bacteria on surfaces - commonly referred to as biofilm - has become recognized as perhaps the most important function of an industrial biocide.  This is because biofilm development can significantly impact the economics, service life, and safety of recirculating and once-through water systems.  Biofilms can also provide a food source for protozoa and other single-cell organisms which essentially function as bioamplifiers for Legionella pneumophila, the bacterium responsible for Legionnaire's disease.

To this end, our product range includes both conventional organic biocides, oxidising biocides as well as a new “green” technology, free of toxins or oxidisers.  An exciting addition to our product range is the exclusive, patented product Spectrum XD3899.  This oxidising biocide, based loosely on monochloramine technology, has been shown to be the industry standard in terms of gaining control of free-swimming and attached (biofilm) microflora in high demand environments such as papermaking and wastewater treatment processes.  Other oxidising biocides in our range include the chlorine and bromine donors, supplied in either solid (with brominator) or liquid state.  Organic biocides in our range are either conventional or proprietary blended products.

Our Centre of Excellence is also the first in South Africa to bring a Deposit Online Detector (DOD) to the papermaking industrial segment.  This measuring device is able to measure, in-situ, the state of your approach flow in terms of the propensity of the resident microflora to develop biofilm.  Conventional quantification techniques (solid media cultivation and Adenosine Tri-Phosphate assays) do not give the whole picture in terms of the cleanliness of a papermaking system in that, due to sampling constraints, they only measure those organisms in the bulk stream, thereby disregarding those organisms which really cause the papermaker problems, those in the attached or biofilm state.  A more informed decision regarding the success/failure of a biocide application can therefore be made when run in conjunction with the DOD.

Chemisphere Paper Technology’s biocides provide safe and effective protection against the microbiological spoilage of fibre streams (thick & thin stock), process waters as well as various chemical additives.

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