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Retention and Drainage

The Retention and Drainage Aid sub section of the Chemi FX centre of excellence strives to offer customers the most cost effective, tailor-made package to satisfy specific needs.

The technologies employed revolve around the performance of flocculants combination with performance enhancers. The flocculants can be polyacrylamide, polyvinyl amine or poly ethylene oxide based. They can be cationic, non-ionic or anionic and the molecular weight can vary from low to ultra-high.
Enhancers can be organic and inorganic and generally take the form of re-flocculating agents. Examples of inorganic enhancers would be bentonites, colloidal silicas, poly aluminium chlorides and alum. Organic enhancers could be the new generation highly structured three dimensional poly-acrylamides, starches, high charge density polymines, DADMACS etc.
Coupled with the above, the management of colloidal substances is becoming more critical with closure of water circuits and the move to more recycled furnishes. Colloidal substance management can be the single most important criterion in highly closed waste based furnishes.
Considering the complexity of the field, Chemishpere Paper Technologies has appointed highly qualified experienced individuals to specialise in this field. The correct selection of technology, product, dosage rates, product handling equipment and addition point are key to performance in this demanding field.

For further information contact:
Angelo Spada - Divisional Manager
+27 82 909 5969