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Colouration & Whitening

The Colouration and Whitening section of Chemi FX is tasked with all matters affecting the visible appearance of paper. This section has been divided into three sub sections:
Whitening Chemicals – Oprical Brightening Agents and shade control pigments and dyes
Colours – Dyes and pigments to alter the colour of paper
Security additives – alter the colour of paper should chemical tampering take place

Whitening chemicals compose of Optical Brightening Agants (OBA) supplied under the PolarBRITE trade name. These are generally stilbene based (di, tetra and hexa sulphonated) although other chemistries are available for specialised applications. Shading colours are also available in the form of pigments and dyes.

Colours are made up of basic and direct dyes, pigments and solvent dyes. They are supplied under the Iridescent brand name. These can be applied across the range of all paper grades. Tailor made blends can be supplied if there is compatibility between the constituents. Together with these fixing agents can be supplied to improve performance and affect final paper properties.

Security Additives – these are highly confidential products supplied to paper manufacturers where features need to be incorporated into the paper to prevent chemical tampering.

For more information contact:
Angelo Spada - Divisional Manager
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