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Contaminant Control

The Contaminant Control (CC) Centre of Excellence aims to provide our customer with cost effective solutions pertaining to deposit control in order for them to maintain and grow their market competitiveness.

Deposit formation can be either of, organic, inorganic or biological origins. Deposits of biological origins will be handled by Microbiological Centre of Excellence. Whatever, the nature of the deposit, they can be a major contributor to quality and productivity problems in the paper making process.

Organic contaminants can originate from natural sources such as pitch, or synthetic sources such as adhesives and coating binders. These types of synthetic contaminants are commonly referred to as “stickies”. These sticky contaminants are generally hydrophobic in nature and can occur in the dissolved, colloidal or agglomerated state around the system. Treatment strategies include Microfixation, Stabilisation and Detackification.

Inorganic deposits are generally hard solid deposits sometimes referred to as scale. The composition of inorganic deposits varies according to the production environment. In all cases the deposit formation will follow the same mechanism. The rate of deposit formation will be a function of parameters including, ion concentration, temperature, pH and alkalinity. These parameters can be readily quantified and used to determine the likelihood of scale formation in a particular environment. The inorganic deposit control program can then be selected to cope with these conditions.

Chemisphere Technologies has the resources (knowledge and products) at its disposal to effectively help our customers out of any hard or sticky situation.

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