• Chemisphere
    Chemisphere Paper Technologies, formerly known as SA Paper Chemicals, was formed in 1963 as a division of Chemical Services, one of the largest specialty chemical suppliers in Southern Africa. Size and defoamers were then supplied to an East Rand based paper mill. SA Paper Chemicals became a “stand alone company” in 1978 and was the first dedicated supplier of chemicals to the pulp and paper industry in South Africa. Chemisphere Paper Technologies strives to be the leading and most respected South African... Read More

  • Simitri
      Through advanced products and technology offerings, supported by local expertise and a highly-competitive costing structure, Simitri offers its customers improved operating efficiency, greater efficacy in their systems and enhanced environmental compliance. By building relationships and understanding the customer's particular application needs and end-product requirements, Simitri, together with its technology partners, provides a total solution.   Innovation + Ingenuity + Integrity - International... Read More

  • AECI

About Chemisphere Technologies

Chemisphere Technologies, a Division of AECI was formed on 1 January 2012. By rebranding SA Paper Chemicals and Simitri Specialty Chemicals, a major supplier to the leather industry was part of SA Paper Chemicals at the time.

Chemisphere Technologies, the new rebranded entity, is divided into two strategic divisions trading as:
1. Chemisphere Paper Technologies
2. Simitri Specialty Chemicals